Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cinderella Skeleton

Cinderella Skeleton
by Robert D. San Souci and illustrated by David Catrow

Cinderella Skeleton is a cute story that puts a twist on the classic Cinderella fairytale. Cinderella is a skeleton in a graveyard and has evil stepsisters and an evil stepmother. They make her their servant. She must hang cobwebs, arrange dead flowers, litter the floor, and feed the bats. Cinderella spends all day helping her stepsisters get ready for the Halloween Ball that Prince Charnel is throwing. She wants to be able to go but they won't let her. After they leave she goes to find the good witch. The good witch turned a jack-o'-lantern, six rats, two bats, and a cat into a funeral wagon, six part horse part dragons, two footmen, and a driver. The witch told her she must be back by morning for then everything will disappear. Cinderella goes to the ball and she and Prince Charnel fall in love. She loses track of time and has to run out. As she is running out of the ball the Prince grabs her foot and snaps it off. The next few weeks he goes around town to every girl to see who's ankle the foot fits. All the girls snap their own foot off so they will have a chance. Finally, Prince Charnel comes to Cinderella Skeleton's graveyard and finds that she is the one. They get married and her stepsisters and stepmother shrivel to dust with jealousy. This book is a silly and fun version of Cinderella. I would use this book around Halloween to read to my students. Also, you could use it after you have read other versions of Cinderella and have the children make comparisons and differences between the stories.

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