Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hazel Nutt Alien Hunter

(science fiction)
Hazel Nutt Alien Hunter
by David Elliot and illustrated by True Kelley

This book is about a little girl, Hazel Nutt, who is an Alien Hunter. She is the captain of her spaceship the “Boobyprize” and he first mate is her two-headed friend, Igor. They want to travel to unknown planets. As they are flying through space, giant meatballs start hitting them so they must make an emergency landing. They land on the planet “Wutt” and accidentally land on the Wuttites leader. Hazel Nutt gives the Wuttites a ladder in place of the leader she accidentally killed. They become friends with the Wuttites but then it is time to leave. They take off again in the “Boobyprize” in search of another planet. I would use this book in the classroom to teach the kids about outer space and that their are other planets. I think this would interest them and they would start to wonder if there are aliens on other planets or not. While this book is fictional, it would stand as a good starter for a conversation with the kids about Space and the planets.

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