Wednesday, February 25, 2009


(science fiction)
by Bruce McCall

This creative book was about a place called Marveltown where inventors live and do everything fast. They have a floating freeway, they go sky-skiing, and a mechanical-animal zoo. On Saturdays the kids get to go to the Invent-o-Drome and make their own inventions. Each kid creates something like an airplane that is light as a feather, hypno-goggles, and a ripple rug. While the kids are inventing, the parents are too. They are creating robots to build a skyway. They create the robots and the robots do every daily chore possible, as well as start building the skyway. However, one night a mouse chews threw a wire, and it sends a mixed message to the robots telling them to crush Marveltown! As the robots attack, all the parents run and hide. But the kids stay and use their inventions to fight and defeat the robots. The skyway can’t be finished, but atleast Marveltown is still there! I think kids would absolutely love this book. The pictures are of contraptions and inventions that are unrealistic but so cool. I think this would enhance their own creative thinking and that they would be mesmerized by the creativity in the pictures. I would use this book to talk about inventions, technology, and the future. This book could provide insight and inspiration to little kids to one day create their own invention to better the world.

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