Sunday, March 1, 2009



by Seymour Simon

This is an educational book about that tells you everything you need to know about hurricanes. It talks about what hurricanes are, where their name comes from, how they are formed, and where they occur. The book also talks about their size, speed, names, and effects. Pictures are included in the book to show the reader what a hurricane looks like on a weather map. It points out the eye of the hurricane and the bands of thunderstorms. Specific hurricane events are discussed to teach the reader about the dangerous outcomes of hurricanes. The book displays the categories of hurricanes and the criteria for each category. I would use this book in my classroom during a weather unit to teach my students about hurricanes. Especially since we live on the east coast and many hurricanes happen here it is important for everyone to be informed about them. This book is perfect for teaching my students about hurricanes because it includes every detail and fact about hurricanes and has interesting pictures and diagrams to supplement the reading.

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