Sunday, March 1, 2009

Twister on Tuesday

(realistic fiction)

Twister on Tuesday
by Mary Pope Osborne

This book is part of a series called the Magic Tree House series. In this book a brother and sister named Jack and Annie go to the tree house they found a long time ago. It is a magical tree house filled with books and you get to travel to the setting of the book. The owner of the tree house needs them to get four pieces of writing to save the tree house. They need something you can follow, something you can send, something you can learn, and something you can lend. In this book, they are looking for something they can learn. Jack and Annie start to read a book in the tree house called "Life on the Prairie" and they find themselves in Kansas during pioneer times. They roam around and find a school house. They attend school for a while, then Miss Neely has them copy a quote onto their slate. Jack discovers that this is the piece of writing that is something to learn. Jack and Annie leave school to go back home, but on their way back to the tree house a Twister comes. They run back to the school house to save Miss Neely and  the rest of the class. After the Twister is over, Jeb, the bully, is nicer to Jack and Annie. Jack and Annie head back to the tree house, go home, and prepare for their next journey. I would use this book in my classroom to teach about tornados. Throughout the book it is cool because it has little facts about tornados. This is useful because it is still a fun, interesting story for kids to read, but it has factual information thrown into it as well. 

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